About us

LNG production, distribution and sale is LNG-Silesia core business. Other services offered include LNG station development, O&M and technical consulting. LNG production is based on unique coal mine gas purification and liquefaction technology.

LNG-Silesia mission is to satisfy energy demands of our clients and secure continuous LNG deliveries. Safety of deliveries and infrastructure is our main objectve.

LNG-Silesia vision is to gain leading position on national LNG sale and distribution market.


Artur Kostka
Chairman of the Management Board

Marek Zwolański
Member of the Management Board

Our offer

Complete service that includes LNG transport and unloading on customer station. Gas is transported in specialised cisterns and unloaded by experienced personell who hold required qualifications.

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A complete service that consists in building LNG station at customer’s site. The investment is accomplished on three levels: – construction, – station equipment assembly, – installation of safety and measurement systems.

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Works are performed by experienced personnel holding required qualifications and broad knowledge on LNG stations, product parameters and gas devices. We work in accordance with HSE procedures based on highest standards.

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